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Classic Finalists


Masters Finalists

Wells Lanes
January 29nd, 2006

Classic Champion
Josh Krueger

Masters Champion
Tony Hunter

Chris Ross presents checks to Champion Josh Krueger, Homer Dhols (front) Palmer Sistad, Tony Pietsch, Gene LaForge.


Chris Ross presents checks to Champion Tony Hunter, (front) Donald Duff, and Glen Sather.

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Bowling Center Date Classic Masters
Wells Lanes 01/29/06 060129c.pdf 060129m.pdf
AMF Maplewood 01/22/06 060122c.pdf 060122m.pdf
Midway Pro Bowl 01/08/06 060108c.pdf 060108m.pdf


Bowling Center Date Classic Masters
AMF Southtown - 2005 Super Bowl 12/12/05 051212c.pdf 051212m.pdf
Garden Center Lanes 12/04/05 051204c.pdf 051204m.pdf
Midway Pro Bowl 11/27/05 051127c.pdf 051127m.pdf
Minnehaha Lanes 11/20/05 051120c.pdf 051120m.pdf
Drkula's 32 Bowl 11/13/05 051113c.pdf 051113m.pdf
AMF Earle Brown Bowl 11/06/05 051106c.pdf 051106m.pdf
Memory Lanes 10/30/05 051030c.pdf 051030m.pdf
Broadway Bowl 10/23/05 051023c.pdf 051023m.pdf
AMF Maple Lanes 10/15/05 051015c.pdf 051015m.pdf
AMF Saxon Lanes 10/09/05 051009c.pdf 051009m.pdf
AMF Maplewood 10/02/05 051002c.pdf 051002m.pdf
New Hope Bowl 09/25/05 050925c.pdf 050925m.pdf
Minnehaha Lanes 09/11/05 050911c.pdf 050911m.pdf
AMF Southtown Bowl 09/05/05 050905c.pdf 050905m.pdf
Midway Pro Bowl - Midwest Regional 08/21/05 050821c.pdf 050821m.pdf
Gusto Grid Iron Bowl 08/14/05 050814c.pdf 050814m.pdf
AMF Earle Brown Bowl 08/07/05 050807c.pdf 050807m.pdf
Midway Pro Bowl 07/24/05 050724c.pdf 050724m.pdf
AMF Saxon Lanes 07/17/05 050717c.pdf 050724m.pdf
AMF Maplewood 07/02/05 070205c.pdf 070205m.pdf
Drkula's 32 Bowl 06/26/05 062605c.pdf 062605m.pdf
Minnehaha Lanes 06/12/05 061205c.pdf 061205m.pdf
AMF Maple Lanes 06/05/05 060505c.pdf 060505m.pdf
Midway Pro Bowl 05/29/05 052905c.pdf 052905m.pdf
AMF Southtown Bowl 05/22/05 050522c.pdf 050522m.pdf
New Hope Bowl 05/15/05 050515c.pdf 050515m.pdf
AMF Maple Lanes 05/08/05 050508c.pdf 050508m.pdf
Minnehaha Lanes 05/01/05 050501c.pdf 050501m.pdf
AMF Village North 04/25/05 050424c.pdf 050424m.pdf
Gusto GridIron Bowl 04/17/05 050417c.pdf 050417m.pdf
AMF Maplewood 03/20/05 050320c.pdf 050320m.pdf
Stardust Lanes 03/13/05 050313c.pdf 050313m.pdf
Junction Bowl 02/27/05 050227c.pdf 050227m.pdf
AMF Village North 02/13/05 050213c.pdf 050213m.pdf
AMF Southtown Bowl 02/06/05 050206c.pdf 050206m.pdf
Midway Pro Bowl 01/30/05 050130c.pdf 050130m.pdf
Nokomis Lanes 01/23/05 050123c.pdf 050123m.pdf
AMF Saxon Lanes 01/09/05 050109c.pdf 050109m.pdf


Bowling Center Date Classic Masters
Minnehaha Lanes - 2004 Super Bowl 12/12/04 041212c.pdf 041212m.pdf
AMF Southtown Bowl 12/05/04 041205c.pdf 041205m.pdf
Midway Pro Bowl 11/28/04 041128c.pdf 041128m.pdf
Minnehaha Lanes 11/21/04 041121c.pdf 041121m.pdf
Stardust Lanes 11/14/04 041114c.pdf 041114m.pdf
Granite Bowl South 11/07/04 041107c.pdf 041107m.pdf
AMF Saxon Lanes 10/24/04 041024c.pdf 041024m.pdf
Nokomis Lanes 10/17/04 041017c.pdf 041017m.pdf
AMF Village North 10/10/04 041010c.pdf 041010m.pdf
AMF Maplewood 10/03/04 041003c.pdf 041003m.pdf
Drkula's 32 Bowl 09/26/04 040926c.pdf 040926m.pdf
Colonial Lanes 09/19/04 040919c.pdf 040919m.pdf
New Hope Bowl 09/12/04 040912c.pdf 040912m.pdf
AMF Southtown Bowl 09/06/04 040906c.pdf 040906m.pdf
Stardust Lanes 08/29/04 040829c.pdf 040829m.pdf
Midway Pro Bowl - Midwest Regional 08/22/04 040822c.pdf 040822m.pdf
AMF Saxon Lanes 08/15/04 040815c.pdf 040815m.pdf
Wells Lanes 08/08/04 040808c.pdf 040808m.pdf
AMF Earle Brown 08/01/04 040801c.pdf 040801m.pdf
Echo Lanes 07/18/04 040718c.pdf 040718m.pdf
Apple Place 07/11/04 040711c.pdf 040711m.pdf
AMF Maplewood 07/04/04 040704c.pdf 040704m.pdf
Menomin Lanes 06/27/04 040627c.pdf 040627m.pdf
Drkula's 32 Bowl 06/20/04 040620c.pdf 040620m.pdf
Nokomis Lanes 06/13/04 040613c.pdf 040613m.pdf
Minnehaha Lanes 06/06/04 040606c.pdf 040606m.pdf
Midway Pro Bowl 05/30/04 040530c.pdf 040530m.pdf
AMF Village North 05/23/04 040523c.pdf 040523m.pdf
New Hope Bowl 05/16/04 040516c.pdf 040516m.pdf
AMF Maple Lanes 05/09/04 040509c.pdf 040509m.pdf
Holiday Lanes 05/02/04 040502c.pdf 040502m.pdf
Stardust Lanes 04/25/04 040425c.pdf 040425m.pdf
Colonial Lanes 04/18/04 040418c.pdf 040418m.pdf
AMF Southtown Bowl 03/14/04 040314c.pdf 040314m.pdf
Apple Place 03/07/04 040307c.pdf 040307m.pdf
Earle Brown Bowl 02/22/04 040222c.pdf 040222m.pdf
Wells Lanes 02/15/04 040214c.pdf 040214m.pdf
Midway Pro Bowl 02/01/04 040201c.pdf 040201m.pdf
Stardust Lanes 01/25/04 040125c.pdf 040125m.pdf
Minnehaha Lanes 01/18/04 040118c.pdf 040118m.pdf
AMF Village North 01/11/04 040111c.pdf 040111m.pdf
Echo Lanes 01/04/04 040104c.pdf 040104m.pdf


Bowling Center Date Classic Masters
AMF Southtown Bowl 12/14/03 121403c.pdf 121403m.pdf
AMF Village North 12/05/03 120503c.pdf 120503m.pdf
Nokomis Lanes 11/30/03 113003c.pdf 113003m.pdf
Midway Pro Bowl 11/23/03 112303c.pdf 112303m.pdf
Stardust Lanes 11/16/03 111603c.pdf 111603m.pdf
Minnehaha Lanes 11/09/03 110903c.pdf 110903m.pdf
Menomin Lanes 11/02/03 110203c.pdf 110203m.pdf
Saxon Lanes 10/26/03 102603c.pdf 102603m.pdf
New Hope 10/12/03 101203c.pdf 101203m.pdf
Apple Place 10/05/03 100503c.pdf 100503m.pdf
AMF Maplewood 09/28/03 092803c.pdf 092803m.pdf
Drkula's 32 Bowl 09/21/03 092103c.pdf 092103m.pdf
AMF Maple Lanes 09/14/03 091403c.pdf 091403m.pdf
AMF Southtown Bowl 09/01/03 030901c.pdf 030901m.pdf
Midway Pro Bowl - Midwest Regional 08/17/03 030817c.pdf 030817m.pdf
Nybo's Bowl - Red Wing 08/10/03 030810c.pdf 030810m.pdf
AMF Maple Lanes 08/03/03 030803c.pdf 030803m.pdf
Stardust Lanes 07/27/03 030727c.pdf 030727m.pdf
West Side Lanes 07/20/03 030720c.pdf 030720m.pdf
AMF Maplewood 07/13/03 030713c.pdf 030713m.pdf
AMF Village North 07/06/03 030706c.pdf 030706m.pdf
Colonial Lanes 06/29/03 030629c.pdf 030629m.pdf
Drkula's 32 Bowl 06/22/03 030622c.pdf 030622m.pdf
Earle Brown Bowl 06/15/03 030615c.pdf 030615m.pdf
AMF Southtown Bowl 06/08/03 030608c.pdf 030608m.pdf
Holiday Lanes 06/01/03 030601c.pdf 030601m.pdf
Midway Pro Bowl 05/26/03 030526c.pdf 030526m.pdf
Minnehaha Lanes 05/18/03 030518c.pdf 030518m.pdf
New Hope 05/04/03 030504c.pdf 030504m.pdf
South Park 04/27/03 030427c.pdf 030427m.pdf
Apple Place 04/13/03 030413c.pdf 030413m.pdf
Stardust Lanes 03/16/03 030316c.pdf 030316m.pdf
Minnehaha Lanes 03/09/03 030309c.pdf 030309m.pdf
AMF Saxon Lanes 03/02/03 030302c.pdf 030302m.pdf
Earle Brown Bowl 02/23/03 030223c.pdf 030223m.pdf
Maple Lanes 02/16/03 030216c.pdf 030216m.pdf
Midway Pro Bowl 02/02/03 030202c.pdf 030202m.pdf
Minnehaha Lanes 01/26/03 030126c.pdf 030126m.pdf
Nokomis Lanes 01/12/03 030112c.pdf 030112m.pdf
AMF Village North 01/05/03 030105c.pdf 030105m.pdf


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